Joe Ravioli - The Cheesiest imPasta in the world...see more
Created Nov 2023    ·   Chain Polygon
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Dive into the sauciest chase in the WEB3 universe. Can you help Joe escape The Meatball Gang and the grips of The Mozzarella Family?

Unlock the boundless realms of Joe Ravioli—a universe where every token is not just ownership but an invitation to co-create and venture through diverse worlds, melding the digital and tangible.

If you believe in seizing and expanding upon novel opportunities, then join us—become a revered member of the Joe Ravioli Universe!

Short-term Mission: We are looking to be the blue-chip NFT project on Polygon. We want to remove the stigma of NFTs, deliver education to what the technology does, and drive opportunities for those who support us.

Steve Campanella
Digital Artist
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For those who are new, each token transcends the digital realm, serving as a key to a world brimming with creativity, exploration, and governance. These tokens are more than mere images; they're akin to digital passports, each embedded with a unique smart contract and token ID, distinguishing one from another like a fingerprint. They unlock a spectrum of privileges, from exclusive community engagement to real-world benefits, all within our ever-growing ecosystem.

This unique identification through smart contracts and token IDs ensures that each NFT is one-of-a-kind, offering its holder an irreplicable token that grants exclusive access and privileges within the expansive digital universe, much like how a retina scan unlocks access to high-security domains.


NFT-C (Customer Utility NFTs): These tokens are designed to enrich the customer experience. They function as versatile tools for collection enhancement, providing priority access to ticket sales for exclusive events, and granting membership to elite clubs and communities. Essentially, they're like VIP passes, elevating the holder's interaction with various leisure and entertainment offerings.

NFT-B (Business Utility NFTs): On the other end of the spectrum, NFT-B tokens are crafted for the discerning investor or business-minded individual. They are akin to executive keys, unlocking opportunities in licensing, activating contracts in the tangible world, and spearheading business development ventures. These super rare tokens aren't merely collectibles; they're assets with the potential to forge new pathways in commerce and industry.This nomenclature isn't just a cool branding twist; it helps potential buyers understand the specific value proposition each type of NFT offers, aligning with their interests—whether they're collectors, enthusiasts, or business professionals.

Scroll down to our roadmap to see our what is in the future of Joe Ravioli IP and Utilities.

Hey there, we are ...

collective of digital chefs, storytellers, innovators, and explorers, simmering together a rich blend of narratives, experiences, and tangible realms, all tethered to the expansive and dynamic world of web3.

Khoa Le

Filmmaker | CEO of Sutudu

Khoa Le, an acclaimed filmmaker behind hits like "Walt Before Mickey," is not just a master storyteller but also a visionary entrepreneur. He's the driving force behind several successful ventures, including Kvibe Studios, a film and TV powerhouse; Live Picture Studios, an expanding wedding photo and video company set to franchise across the USA; and Sutudu, a pioneering digital platform at the forefront of blockchain and gamification. His businesses have been recognized as the fastest-growing in the Tri-state area, with four consecutive "Fast 100" awards. Khoa's expertise, spanning from the cinematic to the digital, is a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation.

Steve Campanella

Artist | President and Co-Founder of i-Create LLC

Steve Campanella aka "Don Stefano" is the President and Co-Founder of i-Create LLC. He is the Artist of Joe Ravioli and the i-Create Brand as whole. For close to 30 years, Steve has been heavily involved in the Creative, Licensing and Retail industries. His business style and artwork has led him to place his art in and on a wide range of bestselling products throughout the years including digital, such as in top branded graphics software and clipart titles and now NFTs (and P2E). His art, IP knowledge, retail background and licensing has led to types of IRL goods within apparel, education, décor, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, impulse novelties, publishing, giftware, toys, in popular movies, on television and more. To include, Steve has also worked with other top licensed brands outside of i-Create, from Entertainment IP, Comic Heroes, Sports Teams, Candy Brands, Fashion, Home Improvement, Hospitality, Retailers, Musicians, Influencers and many others.

John Campanella

CEO and Co-Founder of i-Create LLC

John Campanella aka "Don Giovanni" is the CEO and Co-Founder of i-Create LLC, the creators of the Joe Ravioli NFT Series amongst many others. John has been in the technology sector for 42 years holding multiple Certifications and Awards in Technical Engineering Design and Software Programming. John is a Senior Academy Facilitator for AVIXA and the author of many Certification's in AV/IT . He is a Director of AV Engineering at PIVIUM. John is also a Certified Master Chef through Escoffier Academy and owned one of the most prestigious Wine Bar Restaurants in Northern California.

The Cheesiest imPASTA #6

Darren Levine

CTO of Sutudu, Technologist & Seasoned Filmmaker

Merging the intricate worlds of technology and filmmaking, Darren Levine stands as a paragon of innovation in both domains. As the Chief Technology Officer for Sutudu, Darren's technical acumen has been pivotal in sculpting the platform's digital frontier. With a rich history spanning over a decade in the entertainment industry, his expertise bridges the cinematic narrative with cutting-edge technological solutions. Darren's dual mastery ensures that, whether behind a camera or a codebase, his work consistently pushes the boundaries of what's possible.

Joseph Dunne

NFT Influencer, Metaverse Specialist, and Multimedia Host

Visionary filmmaker and relentless entrepreneur, Khoa Le masterfully crafts stories that captivate global audiences, from the critically acclaimed "Walt Before Mickey" to the emotive "Behind His Guitar." As the dynamo behind innovative ventures like Kvibe Studios, Live Picture Studios, and the cutting-edge digital platform Sutudu, Khoa seamlessly blends cinematic artistry with groundbreaking business initiatives, continuing to illuminate unexplored narratives while forging transformative pathways in both the cinematic and digital realms.

Joe Nunez

CMO of Sutudu, Artist & Veteran Entertainment Enthusiast

Infusing his passion for art into every endeavor, Joe Nunez is the creative pulse behind Sutudu's marketing strategies. With a robust career in entertainment that spans over two decades, Joe brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to his role as Chief Marketing Officer. An artist at heart, his prowess extends from behind the camera lens as a photographer to the vast universe of comic books—a testament to his deep appreciation for storytelling in all its forms. A true connoisseur of creativity, Joe's dedication to the arts ensures that Sutudu's narrative is not only heard but deeply felt by its audience.

Joe Ravioli's Story

Joe Ravioli - A.K.A. “The CHEESIEST imPASTA”, is a Ricotta filled Compulsive Gambler who borrowed a lot of Dough from The Mozzarella Family. Oh No! Tomato Sauce came in last. He wagered all the Dough on this one horse at the Tortellini Racetrack. Madone, the Yeast Rising Interest is out of control and Joe can't pay any of it back anytime soon.  

The Mozzarella Family puts out a Calzone Contract and hires The Meatball Gang to search and find Joe, and bring him back alive, then Boil him Head First "Al Dente" Style! Now with The Mozzarella Family owning the Town and The Meatball Gang up and down all the streets searching for Joe, it’s a like a Pepperoni Pizza Pie (Total Meaty Cheesy Chaos).

It’s hard for Joe to leave town with an empty wallet, so he needs to hide himself in the Cheesiest of Disguises.

Getting started

Preparation: If you're new to the digital asset world, you'll need a wallet. We recommend Metamask, which can be obtained by clicking here.

To acquire our digital assets, you'll first need some Matic (Polygon) tokens. We recognize this might sound complex, but don't worry — you can easily buy Matic directly via Metamask.

Need guidance? Click here and join our discord for assistance.


    Q1 2024

    1. Website Launch: A dedicated portal showcasing the NFT collection, Joe's story, and project insights.

    2. NFT Pre-Sale: Exclusive early access for Discord members and newsletter subscribers.

    3. Gamified Drops: We want to keep this interesting so we will be making our discord channel interesting to win very rare drops that delivers unique utilities.

    4. Main NFT Sale: Public sale of both the algorithmically generated and Ultra Rare NFTs.

    5. Post-Sale Engagement: Virtual events, AMAs (Ask Me Anything), and feedback sessions.

    Q2 2024

    NFT-Customer (NFT-C) Utility Expansion

    1. Exclusive Events: Host Joe Ravioli-themed virtual events, parties, and webinars for NFT-C holders.

    2. Networking Platform: Roll out a dedicated networking platform or feature for NFT-C holders to connect.

    3. Membership Activation: Grant NFT-C holders their promised Discord privileges and perks.

    4. Collaborations: Partner with influencers and creators for exclusive content, events, and promotions targeting NFT-C holders.

    Q3 2024

    NFT-B Utility Expansion

    1. Affiliation Programs Launch: Open doors for brands and collaborators interested in the Joe Ravioli universe.

    2. B2B Services Introduction: Partner with marketing and branding agencies to offer exclusive discounts to NFT-B holders.

    3. Brand-IP Licensee Workshop: An informative event detailing how visionaries can build around the Joe Ravioli brand.

    4. IP & Entertainment Contract Templates: Release specialized contracts and legal resources tailored for NFT-B holders.

    Q4 2024

    Expansion & Diversification

    1. Merchandise Line: Explore the possibility of Joe Ravioli merchandise – T-shirts, mugs, posters, etc.

    2. Joe Ravioli Game: Begin development on a themed game where players can use their NFTs.

    3. Collaborative Projects: Joint ventures with other NFT projects and creators.

    4. Feedback Loop: Engage with both NFT-C and NFT-B communities to understand their evolving needs and tailor the project

    Q1 2025 +

    Community & Beyond

    1. Community Events: Organize physical meetups (pandemic permitting) or virtual summits.

    2. Philanthropy: Dedicate a portion of the project's proceeds to charitable causes, reinforcing community values.

    3. R&D: Explore newer utilities, possibilities, and innovations in the NFT space.

    4. Year-end Review: A comprehensive look back at the year's accomplishments, challenges, and a glimpse into future endeavors.

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