Frequently asked questions

What is the Joe Ravioli NFT collection?
What are NFT-C and NFT-B tokens, and how do they differ?
Are Joe Ravioli NFTs considered securities?
How does the affiliation program work for NFT holders?
What do I do if I forget my Sutudu Password?
Will there be new NFTs added to the Joe Ravioli collection in the future?
How can I use my NFT to enter partnerships and collaborations?
How does the community influence the future direction of the Joe Ravioli project?
How do I prove ownership of my Joe Ravioli NFT?
Is there a charitable aspect to the Joe Ravioli NFT collection?
What kind of support can I expect as an NFT holder?
How can I purchase a Joe Ravioli NFT?
What utilities come with owning a Joe Ravioli NFT?
Can I resell my Joe Ravioli NFT?
What kind of access does the exclusive Discord channel provide?
What are the licensing opportunities associated with NFT-B tokens?
Are there any hidden fees if I bought an NFT?
Are there any real-world events or merchandise tied to the Joe Ravioli NFTs?
What does 'token gated access' mean?
What is the roadmap for the Joe Ravioli NFT project?
How can I participate in the Joe Ravioli NFT project if I'm new to NFTs?
How does the Joe Ravioli NFT tie into potential metaverse expansions?

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